Spend more time talking to your customer about their business and less time guessing about it.

MSPs using Saaslio were SHOCKED when they went through the Saaslio 30-day trial. Their reliance on tribal knowledge and antiquated, manual practices had put the relationship and customer's business at risk.


✔ Automatically capture all web-based, cloud-based, and desktop-based software solutions your customers are using.


✔ Eliminate your reliance on un-documented tribal knowledge and unlock critical business data.


✔ Reduce the onboard time of a customer by nearly 10 hours and accelerate time-to-value.


✔ Reduce the customer's shadow IT footprint and directly strengthen their security posture.

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Michael Flathers
"Saaslio is a must-have for our business. The solution takes days to collect information that would normally take weeks. Before Saaslio, onboarding was like rolling the dice; we would assume the risk while we went through our manual process of documenting their software."

Michael Flathers, Service Delivery Champion at FreshTech